About us.

Conceived in the mind of an experienced Owner Operator of a 34-year-old construction services firm, Robert Muchka assembled a team of professionals to create this revolutionary “DEFECT IDENTIFICATION SERVICE FIRM”

This service focuses on computer deep learning algorithms to locate and identify defects. This method eliminates most of the personal opinions of equipment operators and defect evaluation professionals.

Opinions lend themselves to tendencies, patterns, fatigue, and error. Computer algorithms provide consistent, reliable, and repeatable results. Repeatability is the key to any reliable method of analysis.

  • Save Time. Save Money.

    Allow staff to focus on other tasks.

  • Consistent Reporting.

    Program catches what the human eye cannot.

  • Repeatable Results.

    Remove the human element in defect detection.

  • Simplicity.

    Usage simplicity accommodates diverse staff use.